testimonyBrainRx has helped unlock the potential and better brain that we knew was in our 9-year-old son, Ben. From the moment we walked in the door, the genuinely caring and organized staff, the well-outlined and established program, and the dedicated and outstanding trainer all gave us confidence that our son would greatly benefit from this brain-training program. And they delivered! Prior to brain training, Ben would fight doing homework and it would take a long time to complete simple assignments. He would be up and down out of his seat, unfocused and fidgety – basically avoiding the task at hand. It would take repeated efforts to refocus him to get simple assignments completed. When reading, he would move through the words, but not retain the meaning of the information he was reading. Memorizing lists and math facts was challenging. BrainRx has given Ben the confidence to take on new challenges and achieve tasks at a new level with increased stamina and accuracy. He is able to stay focused on his work and get assignments done more quickly. He is learning to work hard, and never gives up, even when the training and homework become more difficult – his tenacity has increased. In Ben’s own words, “It is easier to remember a list of words and items. I read faster while understanding content. Math number and word problems are easier. My writing has improved. I am more comfortable talking to adults and looking them in the eyes. I am excited to go back to school and test my new brain.” Ben has started the school year with excellent performances on exams; an improvement in his writing assignments; solid standardized testing scores; an enthusiasm and focus surrounding homework; and an overall confidence that, as parents, we love to see. Through their unique, one-on-one brain training, BrainRx has given our son the gift of a better brain. We are so grateful! Thank you BrainRx!