The Brain Training Centre has helped to unlock the potentials we first saw in our 11 year old daughter and has helped put her back on track and ready to soar higher than the eagle.

Jamike was known to be struggling with reading with comprehension (dyslexic), slow in comprehension, spellings, writing, mathematics as well as a low self-esteem. She was withdrawn from her peers and hardly communicates with confidence. We tried all we could as her parents until God decided to intervene through the loving and caring family of the Brain Training Centre.

We attended an awareness session by BrainRx where we were enlightened on how weaknesses in cognitive skills could affect a child’s learning abilities. Their professional illustrations and the personal testimony of the lead presenter made sense and convinced us to enrol for the Brain Test to determine the strengths and weakness of her cognitive skills. Following the results, she was registered for the Brain Training programme.

Jamike started the program on the 2nd of December 2014 and in less than four months we started to see positive changes. Her schoolwork has improved both in the regular class tests and end of term results – (reading, writing, spelling, mathematics) Even her lesson teacher testified she had improved greatly not only in her academics, but also in her attitude and self-organization. Jamike herself had this to say about herself: “I have improved in my spellings and mathematics, I focus a lot on things and I don’t play as much as I used to”.
All this was made possible through these unique one-on-one training sessions with the help of the trainers from the Brain Training Centre. We are happy to say that it was time and resources well spent.