The Brain Training Centre has helped to unlock the potentials we first saw in our 11 year old daughter and has helped put her back on track and ready to soar higher than the eagle. Read More

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BrainRx has helped unlock the potential and better brain that we knew was in our 9-year-old son, Ben. From the moment we walked in the door, the genuinely caring and organized staff, the well-outlined and established program, and the dedicated and outstanding trainer all gave us confidence that our son would greatly benefit from this brain-training program. Read More

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Yojosam (YJ as he is popularly called) was diagnosed dyslexic at age four. That means he has a learning disorder marked by a severe difficulty in recognizing and understanding written materials, leading to spelling and writing problems. It also means he has a short-term memory. This was not caused by low intelligence or brain damage, as he has always been able to recite or read words in class when taught. Read More

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My son (16 years) has never scored more than 17% in Math from primary to secondary school. However, during the last term he scored 48% in Math after only 6 months of brain training.

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