Yojosam (YJ as he is popularly called) was diagnosed dyslexic at age four. That means he has a learning disorder marked by a severe difficulty in recognizing and understanding written materials, leading to spelling and writing problems. It also means he has a short-term memory. This was not caused by low intelligence or brain damage, as he has always been able to recite or read words in class when taught.

However, he was unable to read and pronounce words correctly. Of course, he was worse off with spellings. As parents, we tried all we could, ranging from numerous lesson teachers (tutoring), change of schools, visits to various medical and specialist centers, etc, to no avail. Our disappointment grew by the day until we came across the brain training program organized by the Brain Training Centre in the United States.

At the Brain Training Centre, we were educated on how weak cognitive skills could affect a child’s learning abilities. We identified with the different scenarios and explanations and immediately allowed YJ to take the Gibson test which showed us the strengths and weaknesses of his cognitive skills leading to his learning challenges. He was subsequently enrolled for the brain training program.

At the end of the 3rd month of his training, our anxiety increased as we noticed very little improvements in his grades in school and ability to read. However, we were encouraged by the testimonies of other parents and we continued to observe his performance. To our surprise, by the forth month of the training, YJ started reading sign boards and writings on people’s T-shirts. Hisinterest in reading short write ups, comics, Bible story books as well as sound words to get the spellings right has increased tremendously. Today we are glad to say that YJ reads a story book at a sitting and can recall the story with great accuracy.

In addition, his confidence to work independently and his grades in school has improved significantly from the D’s and F’s region to A’s and B’s.

We are happy to say that every money and time spent with BrainRx is worth it!